December 5, 2022

Ether rebound.

I continue my suicidal position on the air. Yesterday, an incomprehensible a short trade from the price of 1114.Went down immediately. I tried to put a stop loss - some kind of error comes out. There was a choice either to close in the negative, or to wait for the breakeven. I saw a minimum of -2 bucks (only 16 bucks in a deal, a total deposit on futures of 40, a training balance, I've only been playing for the second month), but for some reason I regretted closing it and as a result, at the moment - 7 dollars. Ethereum is growing, although analysts predicted a further fall. I hope it does happen, I was just starting to beat off the minus from the first drop when I lost $77 overnight without placing a stop loss.
Logic suggests that there will be a rebound to 1200, but I don’t want to believe and close the deal at a loss.

I still haven’t figured out what logic works for setting a trailing stop in the Binance mobile app. As long as I can do without it.
Ether rebound.