June 25, 2024

EOSIO prohibits users from buying blockchain resources

EOSIO prohibits users from buying blockchain resources

The company EOSIO, behind the EOS cryptocurrency platform, wants to make changes to the distribution system of network resources, replacing the purchase with a lease.

According to the EOSIO blog, the purpose of such changesis the fight against network congestion associated with the inability to use about half of the CPU resources owned by users, despite the demand for them. This ultimately reduces overall network performance.

To solve the problem, the project team offers users to pay for the rental of resources usingsmart contracts to get a 30 dayCPU / NET load from the general supply. At the end of this period, the lease must be extended, but at new prices, which are automatically adjusted by the market mechanism, taking into account current demand and supply.

The innovation will affect the equity model. Users will still be able to set EOS tokens, but instead of receiving CPU / NET resources, they will be paid fees from EOS name auctions, RAM fees, and rental income.

The transition to the new system should be gradual.