June 6, 2023

EOS: termination options

Таймфрейм: 1D

</strong>Sometimes I update the coin: t.me/waves89/4567. I think old violas can do well show at the beginning bullrun.

The first option for an investor to make money on this is to wait for a fall to 60 cents and then buy a coin without stops for a couple of percent of the capital, wait for growth on ATH and fix it.

The second option for traders is to enter with a buy stop order at the breakdown of level 1.9 with a stop loss level at the current price, where the possibility of further development of the final diagonal © will be excluded.

P.S. Phase "2" is an optimistic calculation, there may be options that are much worse, but for now I will not talk about sad things.
EOS: termination options