February 22, 2024

Engineers taught a robot to repair itself

Engineers taught a robot to repair itself

Researchers have taught the robot to perform simple body repairs and modify its body.

No matter how durable robotics are, timefrom time to time she needs maintenance. Therefore, self-healing will become an important function, especially when robots become part of our daily lives.

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo demonstrated the PR2 robot, which they taught to tighten its own screws with a screwdriver.This skill also allows the robot to modify itself by adding new elements and accessories,such as hooks, using which he can carry more things.

To do this, engineers downloaded data to the deviceCAD systems that accurately show the location of all of its screws. Although PR2 still cannot independently determine which screw should be tightened, it is able to identify discrepancies between its appearance and the digital model, which tells him that there is a problem.

The robot can also autonomously periodicallycheck the condition of all screws and rely on a person pointing with a finger at a specific element to be tightened. However, like people, most devices are limited in their movements and cannot comfortably reach some parts of their body, so in the future, they may need to ask for help from other robots.

The ability to self-modify and add newThe elements also offer great promise. In one of the demonstrations, PR2 independently installed a hook on his neck so that a person could hang a bag on it.

Russian engineers have also achieved success inrobot training. They developed software that allows industrial robots to independently adjust their actions in a changing work environment.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: University of Tokyo