September 22, 2023

Employees of the Lviv Railway caught on illegal cryptocurrency mining

Employees of the Lviv branch of the Ukrainian Railways company (Ukrzaliznytsia) illegally mined cryptocurrency using the company's energy system.

Employees of the branch organized a farm for mining bitcoins, on which more than a hundred ASIC miners connected to the Ukrzaliznytsia network were discovered.

Estimated amount of damage since the beginning of the yearamounted to about 1 million hryvnia (~ 2.6 million rubles), but the number of bitcoins mined remains unknown. The farm was discovered by the Ukrzaliznytsya Department of Economic and Information Security, after which the local prosecutor's office opened a criminal case.

This is not the only case of cryptocurrency mining onterritories of Ukrainian enterprises. In August, the Security Service of Ukraine confiscated cryptocurrency mining equipment located on the territory of the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant.

In Ukraine, the issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies is not under a formal ban - in fact, they continue to exist in the “gray zone”, and there is no regulation of cryptocurrency mining.

This month, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange offered assistance to the Ukrainian government in developing new rules for regulating cryptocurrencies in the country.