September 19, 2021

El Salvador protests against Bitcoin legalization

 El Salvador protests against Bitcoin legalization

President Naib Bukele's decision to make bitcoin legal tender is disliked by significant part of the population.

Hundreds of residents of the capital of El Salvador came out to protest against the legalization of bitcoin. They argue that the introduction of bitcoin as legal tender could exacerbate the financial crisis.

Salvadoran Association of Internationalfreight carriers (ASTIC) demands to cancel the mandatory acceptance of payment for services in cryptocurrency and threatened to charge an additional 20% commission from those who pay for freight in the BTC to protect against high volatility.

Protesters also fear that the introduction of bitcoin into the economy could add fuel to the rampant corruption already seen in government circles.

Disruptiva Survey withFrancisco Gavidia University, in July, showed that about 54% of people consider the adoption of bitcoin wrong, 46% of respondents "know nothing" about bitcoins, and almost 65% said that they would not pay for goods in cryptocurrency.

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