December 1, 2022

Eighth Ethereum Hard Fork Held December 4

Eighth Ethereum Hard Fork Held December 4

Ethereum developers will conduct the first stageIstanbul hard fork on main network at block # 9056000. On December 4, users will see 6 changes in EIPs in the code, as well as EIP 2124, the fork identifier for checking network compatibility.

At a previous developer meeting in AugustIt was announced that Istanbul will be divided into two phases. The first stage of updates will expand the possibilities of interaction with the Zcash cryptocurrency and help protect the network from replay attacks. For this, 6 code changes have been developed:

  1. EIP-2028: Calldata gas cost reduction.
  2. EIP-1344: Add ChainID Operation Code.
  3. EIP-152: Add Blake2 F compression function for precompilation.
  4. EIP-1108: reduced alt_bn128 gas precompilation costs.
  5. EIP-1884: reassessment for tree size dependent codes.
  6. EIP-2200: rebalancing the net cost of SSTORE gas to reflect changes in the cost of gas SLOAD.

EIP-1884 caused discussions among developersDapps, as it increases the cost of computing when accessing the blockchain. The new ProgPoW mining algorithm should be implemented already in the second stage, which will be carried out in the first quarter of 2020.

Istanbul will be the eighth code update inEthereum networks. Against the background of expectations of the previous hard fork Constantinople, the airtime rate rose from $ 105 to $ 164 in two weeks. On the day of the fork on February 28, a dump occurred from $ 141 to $ 131. Then the course recovered in just 5 hours.

Eighth Ethereum Hard Fork Held December 4

On the night of Saturday to Friday, the ETH rate jumped 14% amid record bitcoin growth.

text: Dmitry Tokarev, chart: CoinMarketCap