December 11, 2023

Due to what will the Bitcoin exchange rate renew its maximum in 2020?

Due to what will the Bitcoin exchange rate renew its maximum in 2020?

In the crypto community, many believe that in 2020 we will see Bitcoin and other coins skyrocketmaximum. One of the growth factors will be a reduction in the supply of BTC after the May halving, when the reward of miners for mining a block will decrease to 6.25 BTC.

But there are other factors that will help strengthen interest in the first cryptocurrency. There are at least two reasons why a coin will add value.

First, the desire of central banks tolower interest rates. Investors have recently begun to receive much less income from investing in the stock market, as regulators continue to adhere to strict monetary policies aimed at keeping inflation low.

In 2020, monetary policy, apparently, will not change. This will force players to look for alternative tools, one of them will be Bitcoin.

The economic and political situation in the USA will beAnother contributor to investor interest in the cryptocurrency industry. Over the past years, President Donald Trump and his team have created the conditions for the growth of the American market.

Key indicators of Dow Jones and S&P 500periodically broke through highs. However, in 2020, if not a collapse, then at least a significant decline in the market awaits us due to its “overheating.” This again benefits Bitcoin, which will become a safe haven asset for many players amid falling stock prices.

Twitter user Welson also draws attention to the fact that young people or the so-called millennials are increasingly showing interest in cryptocurrency.

In 2020, for them, BTC will become moreAn attractive asset that can be used as a convenient tool on the Internet. Activation of millennials will be another factor that opens up great opportunities for bitcoin, the user of the social network believes.


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