June 6, 2023

Donald Trump's new NFT collection sold out in a few hours

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Donald Trump's new NFT collection sold out in a few hours

The former US president launched a new collection of 47,000 NFTs powered by the Polygon blockchain. He stated that all the tokens were sold in a few hours, and the sales amounted to $4.6 million.

This is the second personal collection of Donald Trump (Donald Trump) - in mid-December, he released
45,000 tokens on the same network. After the arrest of the former president, the prices for tokens increased significantly and it seems that he decided to “strike iron without leaving the cash register.”

To promote a new collection calledTrump Digital Trading Cards 2 politician even returned to Instagram, where he was absent for about two years. The promotional efforts paid off - all the tokens were sold out and brought Trump $4.6 million.

“I hope everyone noticed that I left the price onTrading Cars is the same as in December. Whereas now they cost much more (after all, this is a MARKET !!). I want my fans and people who support me to be able to earn money, and to be honest, it's fun, ”the former US president wrote.

The number 47,000 was a nod to Trump's aspirationsbecome the 47th President of the United States by winning the 2024 election. Users who purchase 47 tokens are eligible to have dinner with Trump at his Florida residence.

It was recently reported that Donald Trump could earn up to $1 million from his first NFT collection.