August 8, 2022

Donald Trump has warned of a future "explosion" in the cryptocurrency market

The former President of the United States believes that the currency should be in the format of the dollar, and the fact that digital assets are not controlled, very dangerous.

The cryptocurrency market is "very dangerous," says former US President Donald Trump. In an interview with Fox News, he explained that he has never been a fan of cryptocurrencies because he supports the dollar.

“I think that the currency should be in the formatdollar. Therefore, I am not a fan of this (cryptocurrencies, - RBC). The digital asset market continues to grow, but no one is making efforts to control it, "Trump emphasized. According to him, the growth of cryptocurrencies may end in an "unprecedented explosion."

At the same time, the ex-president supported the NFT project with hiswife Melania Trump. Its launch took place last week. The first tokens are tied to the work of the artist Marc-Antoine Coulomb "The Vision of Melania". NFT can be purchased until December 31 at $ 150 per token.

Donald Trump has repeatedly criticizedcryptocurrencies. For example, in September, he warned that investing in digital assets could lead to disaster. According to the billionaire, investing in cryptocurrency harms the US dollar.