April 23, 2024

[Doc] What is being traded around the clock?

Something I disappeared a bit, I did not fully understand whether it is useful to keep such a diary or not.

It is possible to write everythingin a row, every action does not make sense, but what kind of research and conclusions, thoughts, as well as problem areas ... Is this interesting to anyone and do I need it?

On developing a speculative strategydirectional movement: collected rules based on a pure chart, crowd behavior, adding only a self-written indicator like ATR (but without tails) to guide the size of the length of the turning point and a protective SL in case of a sharp squeeze.

I wrote everything down firmly on the “paper” and threw the visual script on the Tradingview helper, drove it out with pens, the results are preliminary satisfied.

Now I am describing everything for my own self-written tester in Excel, so that I could drive away other tools and see how it shows itself. If ok, then everything depends on liquidity and non-correlation instruments.

But in the crypto market today everything is bad, alts are walking almost synchronously and there is only enough liquidity for capital above $2 million for ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH…
In fact, trading only 2 instruments, BTC and ALT.

How to adapt this strategy to a market where trades are closed at night or out, when the price may open below my SL, xs.

Closing at the end of the trading day is not an option, because the main movements will be in the pass and the commissions will gobble up all the profits.

Although now the idea has come to trade such assets, which is on different exchanges in different time zones. Are there any?

Positions are now long in both BTCUSD and ETHBTC. (Doesn't mean I won't turn over tomorrow)

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