April 23, 2024

Do you often trade intraday? I have no more than 2-5 transactions

Do you have any tiredness from trading?
How do you cope? I use sports and walking.

Often trade insideDay?
I don't have more than 2-5 trades

— How to stay calm in stressful situations on the Forex market on the stock exchange?

— My method is a strategy plan for the weekend, no intraday trading, what kind of deposit do you work with?I am within a day 2 k.average term two for 2 k.a you?How to stay calm in stressful situations on the Forex market on the exchange?There are 20 rules for calm trading.The psychology of trading is 80% of success.Answer: A simple amount of loss should be acceptable to the trader's psyche.What are your profits over the past 10 years? I have a 5-10% APR Forex Academy.Lesson 11 Identify Elliott Wave Price LevelsForex Academy.Lesson 10 Determine Fibonacci Price LevelsForex Academy.Lesson 9: Identify Chart Formations for Medium-Term TradingForex Academy.Lesson 8: Identify Entry Points for Big Buyers and Sellers

Forex Academy.Lesson 8: Identify Points to Open a Sell Order on the ChartForex Academy.Lesson 7: Identify Points to Open a Buy Order on the ChartForex Academy. Lesson 6. Determine the level of supportForex Academy. Lesson 5. Identify Resistance LevelsForex Academy. Lesson 4. IDENTIFY order failures. FOREX EDUCATION. LEVEL 4. PRICE LEVELForex Academy. Lesson 3: DEFINE PRICE LEVELS. FOREX EDUCATION. LEVEL 1. PRICE LEVELgraphic trading signals. Lesson 2. task to identify 15 signals on the chart

graphic trading signals. Lesson 1. task to identify 5 signals on the chart