December 9, 2022

Disney does not allow TRON to be registered in the U.S.

The USPTO rejected three trademark applications related to the TRON cryptocurrency platform. Reason there was a protest from Disney Corporation, which pointed to a possible confusion with the brands.

Chinese Raybo Technology, partner of TronFoundation, has applied for the trademarks TRON, TRONNETWORK, and TRONIX back in February 2018. In August, Disney filed a complaint with the USPTO, in which the Chinese firm did not dispute the arguments. In this regard, the department took the side of the giant entertainment industry.

Disney added that the Tron Foundation uses the TRON brand with capital letters, which closely resembles the Disney movie franchise brand. Such behavior in the corporation is considered unscrupulous.

Raybo Technology owns the Tron, TRX, and Tronix trademarks in China.

“At Tron, they approached the process lightly. They did not even hire a legal adviser in the United States, although the USPTO ordered them to do so. They did not respond to notifications from the department and simply abandoned the application. ”, Said Compound's chief legal adviser, Jake Cherwinski.

He also suggested that Disney could sue Tron representatives for copying an existing brand.

TRON founder Justin Sun says everyoneDisney conflict of interest reports are FUD. He emphasized that the type of product or service is indicated in the application for registering a trademark in the United States. Sun added that many applications filed by TRON representatives in the United States have not been criticized by Disney.

A Decrypt reporter retorted that San had immediately shifted the focus of the conversation to other applications and had not commented on substantive documents confirming a conflict of interest with Disney.

In continuation of the thread, the founder of TRON didarguments and said that applications affecting the interests of Disney were submitted for protection purposes and did not affect the main brands assigned to the cryptocurrency platform in any way.

“Tron will continue to use its recognizable name and brand”- summed up San.

Recall that the founder of TRON is known for controversial marketing tricks, such as “announcements of announcements.”

In a recent statement, he expressed a desiredonate $ 1 million to eco-activist Grete Thunberg. Prior to this, he volunteered to help Jack Dorsey of Twitter create a decentralized standard for social networks, and before that he offered money to Changpeng “CZ” Zhao under the FUD fund.

Justin Sun’s promises tend not to come true, which he clearly demonstrated in the summer - in preparation for a meeting with Warren Buffett, for which he paid a record $ 4.5 million.