June 15, 2021

Digitex Announces Launch of Blockfarm - Profitability Pharming Platform

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Digitex Announces Launch of Blockfarm - Profitability Pharming Platform

The pilot program offers stakers to get $ 50 thousand in Ethereum

Digitex Ltd., the first in the world futures and spot exchange with zero commission,announced the launch of a new profitability pharming platform Blockfarm, powered by the Digitex.io exchange. With Blockfarm, users can earn passive income from cryptocurrencies in a short time, thanks to DGTX token staking. Once launched, DGTX staking rewards will be available on Ether (ETH).

On Digitex, it is possible to purchase DGTX tokens without commission and receive a reward in ETH to increase ROI. With Blockfarm, users also benefit from the rising price of ETH.

To mark the launch of Blockfarm, attendees will be able tocollectively earn the equivalent of USD 50,000 in ETH within 30 days. Digitex users can start and stop staking DGTX at any time, unlike ETH staking on other platforms.

Digitex CEO Adam Todd commented:

The ETH staking program will be the first of many -over time, other cryptocurrencies will appear on the exchange. Blockfarm is designed to create value for Digitex users, so when new cryptocurrencies are listed on our exchange, users will also be able to receive rewards in their chosen currency through Blockfarm.

Blockfarm is easier to use thanother products for profitability pharming. You need to create an account with Digitex, purchase DGTX, and then transfer the amount to the Blockfarm platform. APY will vary depending on the number of participants. For about six months now, Digitex has been successfully running a yield pharming program on Uniswap, with an annual interest rate ranging from 35% to 150%.

We are happy to provide more opportunities forDGTX token and stimulate demand for long-term holders. The demand for DGTX will grow as new programs are added to Blockfarm, and the value of the token will increase when a significant number of tokens are locked, Todd added.