April 17, 2021

Digital ruble? Oh well. Wait. More precisely - don't wait :)

I read the concept of the digital ruble in Russia from the Central Bank.

As expected, 30 sheets of very clever text contain a very correct appeal of the Central Bank to cryptomaniacs: You will not wait.

In general, I am glad that the Central Bank is very calm aboutrisks (VIII. IMPACT OF THE DIGITAL RUBLE ON MONETARY POLICY AND FINANCIAL STABILITY) from the introduction of the Digital Ruble. One feels that this section was written by a person with a good sense of humor.

More interesting is the section on Smart Contracts. But, for obvious reasons, it is extremely short and resembles the statement "we are for all good and against all bad."

In general, this document can be interpreted as a request from the Central Bank to lag behind it until the age of 22. And there either or