June 16, 2024

Developers disagree on commissions on Lightning Network

The developer of the c-Lightning client from Blockstream, Rusty Russell, proposed raising the default transaction fees byLightning Network from 1 Satoshi to 5 Satoshi, and also charge an additional 0,0005% of the payment instead of 0.000001%.


Russell’s proposal was supported by ACINQ CEO Pierre-Marie Padua and Jack Mollers, founder of Zap Solutions.

However, other developers believe that a single proposal from the three largest software developers to increase commissions would cast doubt on decentralization and create an extremely dangerous precedent.

Russell's main opponent was Lightning Labs CTO Olaoluwa Osuntokun:

&#171;This sentence promotes the idea thatdevelopers, not node operators, somehow influence fees in Lightning. If operator fees are too high, no one pays &#8212; this is the market&#187;, &#8212; he emphasized the problem.

With the opinion of Osuntokuna and agreed the head of Lightning Labs Elizabeth Stark.

&#171;I think that the commission market will appear on its own&#187;, &#8212; she said in a comment to CoinDesk.

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