June 25, 2024

Developed a more efficient diesel engine

Developed a more efficient diesel engine

A team of engineers from ValenciaPolytechnic University has developed a new diesel engine with higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, accounting for less than 20% of current European standards.

According to the researchers, improve performanceThe engine succeeded through the use of variable compression ratios, optimization of thermal management and the development of new filters for nanoparticles in exhaust gases.

The proposed solutions are quite affordable and can be easily integrated into theengines of new vans, buses and cars.

The most difficult thing for the team was to optimizethe operation of all engine systems in various traffic situations. Treatment systems that reduce emissions are very sensitive to factors such as exhaust temperature, which varies greatly depending on the type of road, driving mode and weather conditions.

The demonstration was held in Graz (Austria) on twocar: one represented classes D, E for freight and passenger traffic, and the second was passenger. In open tests, both of them showed good results, both in terms of reducing fuel consumption and reducing the amount of contaminant particles less than 23 nm in size.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a system of electrohydraulic valves, which allows saving 20% ​​of fuel by optimizing gas exchange.