May 25, 2022

Designer Kevin Smith to release a new film in the form of NFT

Renowned American director and composer Kevin Smith will release his upcoming horror comedy film “Killroy Was here ”in the form of NFT on the recently launched trading platform Jau And Silent Bob’s Crуpto Studio, according to Deadline.

The film, based on graffiti with a bald, long-haired man, was originally planned for release in 2020, but was then postponed until 2021.

Anyone who buys an auctioned as NFTthe film "Killpoy was here", in the end, will receive the rights to its distribution. According to Smith, the owner can also leave this film to himself as an exclusive purchase:

“We are not trying to attract funding by selling NFT films. If we all get it, we will have a new scene in which I and other artists will be able to share our stories. "

The first NFT will contain a platinum token, which will allow its owner to appear in the episodic poley in "Clep III".

Smith is also known for such films as "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Policeman" and "Tusk".