Jul 1, 2022

DeFrancesco will be the first among racers to receive a salary in Ethereum

Devlin DeFrancesco became the first racer of the InduCar series, who will receive a salary in the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

DeFrancesco signed a sponsorship contract with a Canadiancryptocurrency exchange Bitbuy. Under the terms of the agreement, the trading platform will not only pay Devlin’s team for advertising their service, but also transfer to him in ETH the income received from participating in Honda Indu Toronto races.

Almost every athlete interested in digital assets has chosen bitcoin as a means of payment. DeFrancesco became an exception to the rule, preferring Ethereum.

“I believe in the potential and strength of Ethereum in the long run. I hope that Bitbuy’s investment in our team will pay off, as well as my capital investment in ETH,” DeFrancesco explained his decision.

The price of Ethereum has stabilized in the range above $1900 and fluctuates within a contracting triangle. This is a bearish pattern, therefore, there is a high probability of a decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency in the market. In connection with this, Devlin takes risks, receiving a salary in ETH.