February 5, 2023

December 18 will be the IX Kyiv Blockchain Forum

December 18 will be the IX Kyiv Blockchain Forum

December 18, 2019 IQ Business Center will host the IX Kyiv Blockchain Forum - an international industry forum dedicated to technology Blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies.

On December 18, 2019, the IX Kyiv Blockchain Forum, an international industry forum dedicated to Blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrencies, will be held at IQ Business Center.

Two threads of the Forum will cover topics:

  • legalization of cryptocurrencies - the first law on digital assets;
  • a guide for beginners - how to buy cryptocurrency and not lose money;
  • intellectual property issues;
  • examples of application of Blockchain technology in real business;
  • Blockchain development - smart contracts and own platform.

Forum visitors will enjoy high-quality content, a friendly community and an atmosphere of perception of the ideals of cryptographic freedom.

Aeneas political blockchain startup will offerusers the opportunity to raise funds and implement their own socially-oriented political projects, in particular lobbying for the interests of local government communities, as well as try their hand at the prediction market.

A demonstration area ofindustry representatives to show their achievements and achievements in 2019, and visitors to get acquainted with advanced technologies and their creators in a relaxed atmosphere.

The event will be interesting to everyone who cares about the cryptocurrency industry, who is open to the new and ready to create Blockchain Reality with us!

The program of the event and the list of speakers are updated in real time on the official website of the Forum.

The cost of tickets is 600 UAH, they can be purchased here.

Organizer of Kyiv Blockchain Forum: Gesellberg Cryptofinance.