January 31, 2023

David Marcus: Libra can provide multiple stablecoins

The Swiss Libra Association can launch several stablecoins tied to different fiat currencies at once, Reuters reports citing Calibra CEO David Marcus.

Speaking at a banking seminar in Washington,Marcus allegedly stated that instead of a single synthetic currency, Libra can include stablecoins based on the dollar, euro, British pound and other currencies.

David Marcus: Libra can provide multiple stablecoins

David Marcus at a hearing in Congress

Moreover, according to the manager, this proposal is still an idea, not a preferred concept.

The launch of the Libra digital currency is still scheduled for June 2020, but regulators may affect the timing, Markus said.

“This is still our goal, but there will be no launch until we satisfy all legal issues and receive regulatory approval”- he summed up.

Recall that last week the Libra Association approved the charter of the organization and the composition of the board of directors, despite the withdrawal from the project PayPal, Mercado Pago, Visa, Stripe, Mastercard, Booking.com and eBay.

More than 1,500 companies have already expressed a desire to join the association. 180 of them fit all selection criteria.

Earlier, Marcus called himself a big fan of bitcoin and compared it to gold.

David Marcus: Libra can provide multiple stablecoins