January 28, 2023

Data Keepers: Quantum Computers vs. Blockchain “/>

Data Keepers: Quantum Computers vs. Blockchain "/>
Quantum computers compete with blockchain in information storage

$ 5 million was raised by the Arweave project, which is developing the idea of ​​storing network files. Large companies provided financial support: Andreessen Horowitz, Multicoin Capital, Techstars. The amount of depositors proves that the problem of storing information in the near future will become relevant. However, quantum computers compete with blockchain.

The amount of information on the network, or how much the Games of Thrones weigh.

The relevance of the Arweave project explains the increase in the amount of information annually. Experts believe that in 2025 the amount of data will be 160 zettabytes.

It is enough to see how many actions users perform on the network in one second:

  • send 7.6 messages on Twitter;
  • upload 786 images to Instagram;
  • Watch 70,000 YouTube videos
  • send 2.5 million letters.

Additional example: all seasons of the game “Game of Thrones” weigh approximately 70 GB in video resolution 1024x576. Google processes this amount of traffic within two seconds. Of course, ever-growing volumes of information need to be stored somewhere. In addition, there remains a problem of security and convenience. Large companies create special data centers, but there are alternative options - blockchain technology and quantum computers.

Quantum computers: storing information in the future

Quantum computing cannot be called ideal,but there is something that makes them unique in addition to storage capacity - speed and efficiency. An important application is databases. Users will be able to store an amazingly large amount of data, as well as search with their help much faster than with traditional computers.

William Hurley, head of the quantum computing standards working group at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), notes:

“I am personally convinced that quantum computinghelp us understand the flow of data that we create to solve some very interesting problems. There are systems that generate billions of data sets per day, and they can be the solution to some critical issues affecting society. ”

However, experts and scientists do not formulate the exactquantum computer security information. In addition, you will have to wait at least a few years until the engineers announce the successful results of using quantum computers.

Blockchain guarantees permanent storage of small files

Hacking private information by hackers isa common problem in the information technology industry. Fraudsters find the key to the data of the following companies: Ministry of Defense of South Korea, television channels in France. It is not difficult for hackers to crack passwords of smaller organizations.

Distributed Registry Technology Guaranteedreliability of information storage. Using strong encryption options will prevent hackers from gaining access. In addition, users use private keys. So, the creators of the Arweave blockchain guarantee that users can save pages, letters and private messages on social networks through a browser extension. It is about safe storage, which does not imply leakage of confidential information. In October, users already saved 45,000 files. The blockchain of the project includes 100 separate applications.

The nuance of the blockchain is that storagea large amount of content is under development. For example, a photo taken with a smartphone weighs 3-4 MB. The maximum bitcoin block size is 1 MB. The file will have to be split into parts, which leads to expensive storage.

Demand for data storage devices will becontinue to grow due to the constant increase in information. Blockchain technologies outperform existing content conservation options in efficiency and security. But developers are still at the stage of solving the problem with file volumes.