February 20, 2024

Dash developers called the launch date of Evolution in the test network

The long wait for the release of Dash Evolution appears to be coming to an end. So, it’s planned for December 7special event, which will present details of the update planned for December in the Evonet test network.

The event, hosted by the Dash Core Group, will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Presentations will reveal detailsfunctioning of both the platform itself and wallets with Dashpay support. It will also talk about the release process and how users can take part in testing it.

Dash Evolution announced as the flagship productDash Core Group, however, its launch dates have been postponed several times. So, earlier it was expected that the launch of the Dash Evolution main network will take place in 2018.

It was originally supposed that Dash Evolutionwill be a decentralized payment system focused on a wide user base. However, over time, the concept underwent several changes, which resulted in the goal of creating the Dash Platform as a technology stack for the development of decentralized applications.

Listed below are its four key features:

Drive— a database for storing and creating queries on metadata
Identities– system for unique identification of users and applications
Dash Platform Name Service— decentralized domain name service
Dapi— decentralized HTTP API for accessing the platform

As noted in his record last monthDash Core Group developer Ivan Shumkov, in the future, among other things, will also be presented the communication protocol between users and applications, payment requests and rules for access to Drive data.

To keep these Dash services runningPlatform will rely solely on the masternode network. According to Shumkov, in comparison with the use of the entire Dash network, this is a more scalable solution, since masternodes will have a high economic incentive to present high-quality services.

Recall that this year, the Dash cryptocurrency focused on increased user privacy celebrated the 5th anniversary of the launch.