April 25, 2024

DAOBet project launches main network after testing in real conditions


The DAOBet project, which develops blockchain for the gaming industry,announced the end of the Game of Validators (Game ofStakes) and announced the launch of the main network at the end of 2019. Game of Stakes participants tested the network in real conditions. The winners received 500,000 BET tokens and an invitation to become the main network validators.

DAOBet project launches main network after testing in real conditions


Game of Stakes is a collaborative game for potential DAOBet network validators.

Players ensured stable operation of the network and protected it from attacks. They created smart contracts, loaded the network with transactions, interacted in the game and shared experiences with each other.

&#171;Thanks to Game of Stakes, we fixederrors in the code and identified deficiencies in the documentation. We saw how the consensus protocol works in the real world, where validators have different time zones and hardware configurations.— noted the DAOBet team.

During testing, DAOBet registered blocks with 6 thousand transactions and a peak network load of 12,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second).

The winners of Game of Stakes are EOSRIO, FELVALIDATOR and KAISERLABS. They shared a prize of 500,000 BET.

&#171;Such testing is one of the most importantsteps before launching the mainnet. It helps to increase the security of the project and improve its usability,” commented Cosmostation developer Kim Buyoung.

All participants in Game of Stakes received an invitation to join the main network of the project.

DAOBet (formerly DAO.Casino) is a blockchain for the gaming industry with high speed and zero transaction cost. The platform allows you to create decentralized applications using smart contracts and integrate existing games.

DAOBet Blockchain Based on Consensus AlgorithmDelegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), in which validators are responsible for creating and checking blocks. Any member of the network who is ready to deploy a full node and maintain its smooth operation can become a validator.

Validators will launch the DAOBet core network at the end of 2019. This will require 21 to 100 validators.

DAOBet implements a dynamic mechanisminflation (token issuance): the number of new coins depends on the volume of tokens in stake. At the beginning of the network, inflation will be 20%. Of these, 16% will receive validators, and 4% will go to ensure the operation of the network.

To become a validator, you need:

  • Deploy a full host
  • fill out the form on the DAOBet website.

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