April 23, 2024

Dan Larimer: technology giants lead the world into Orwellian dystopia

According to Dan Larimer, CTO of EOS startup Block.one, recent blocking of videos about cryptocurrencieson YouTube indicate that powerful corporations are plunging the world into total censorship.


“It's time to buy paper versions againbooks, because in the digital world they are too easy to destroy. It must be taken for granted that you do not own anything and do not control anything on your phone. We are more and more on the way to ensure that the software will be available exclusively ”

Larimer added that if today the largest video hosting service censors cryptocurrencies, then tomorrow Amazon will do the same with books.


“Buy books now before they are banned”

Recall, soon after the news about the blocking of videos on YouTube dedicated to cryptocurrencies, the head of Binance Changpen Zhao expressed the opinion about the advisability of creating a social network on the blockchain.