April 21, 2021

D. Makafi accused of fraud and money laundering

The US Department of Justice has indicted the chief scandalist in the field of cryptocurrencies John McAfee, he is being told fraudulent activities with securities, including the use of electronic media and money laundering.

McAfee Cryptocurrency Coordinator Jimmy Gaill Watson was also arrested at Texace on 4 March.

In his statement to the lieutenant Manhattan, Audrey Strauss affirms that the accused used social networks to capitalize on "lies"

“Macafie and Watson used widely usedThe platform of social networks and the enthusiasm of investors in the growing market of cryptocurrencies are being paid to earn millions with the help of lies and deception. The accused used a Macafi account on Twitter to publish messages to hundreds of thousands of its subscribers, who advertise various cryptocurrencies with the help of available sources.

According to the press release, the Ministry of Justice says that the cryptocurrency barge has thought of two fraudulent schemes for advertising cryptocurrencies.

One of them was included in the pamp and dump of tokens with the help of a false ad in Twitter.

“I recommend what I myself consider the coins and tokens of the future. If it's flat, it means I'm flat. Name me whatever you want. "


The second one is involved in the advancement of the initial offers of coins in exchange for "secret companies":

“On a few occasions during this schemeICO and peklamipovaniya Makafi Uotcon ppedppinimali aktivnye shagi for cokpytiya cvoix taynyx coglasheny o c kompencatsii emitentami ICO, a Makafi delal lozhnye and vvodyaschie in zabluzhdenie zayavleniya and upuscheniya chtoby ckpyt takie cdelki From ICO-invectopov ".

The creator of the anti-virus software was accused by the Ministry of Justice of tax evasion even in October last year.

In the present time, Macafi is still kept under guardians in Spain, awaiting extradition in the USA.