April 21, 2021

D.Can tokenizes picture of Picacco purchased for $ 20 million

The TRON blockchain operator and the BitTorrent general director Jactin Can bought the Picacco picture "Lying in a necklace" (Femme nue couchée au collier) for $ 20 million.

He also bought Andy Warhol's "Three Autos" for $ 2 million, which, together with the first production, plans to tokenize and in the nearest future should not send JFT and fund.

As it is known, in March the general director of Tronannounced the launch of the JUST NFT Fund solution, aimed at overcoming the gap between the technology of the digital peer and the artists who want to release The fund focuses on top artists and art productions and accepts work with a minimum price of $ 1 million at an average cost of $ 10 million.

"I believe that apt-space also obeys rule 80-20, according to which only the value of the artists sitting on top of the pyramid can

Both purchased pictures will become the first pieces of traditional art, which will be tokenized and launched into the JUST NFT Foundation.

The first part of the fund's collection will be estimated at about $ 30 million, taking into account that it also includes OCEAN FRONT from the Beeple cryptographic recorder.

In addition, according to Christie's, written by Picacco in 1932, "Lying in a necklace" is one of the most useful work of the XX century.