September 19, 2021

Cynthia Lammis sees bitcoin's success in the lack of regulation

US celebrity Cynthia Lammis from Bayoming said the adoption of the cryptocurrency is based on one factor.

Ceнatop Lammis affirms that free fiscal policy plays into the hands of such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, and that this is an “undesirable way” of popularizing ethnicity.

“Large [state] persons (accidentally) doa lot more for faster digital asset adoption than me. The devaluation of our currency is associated with its own benefit to digital assets, for example, bitcoin, which will act as a means of savings.

Throwing America into a hole is stupid,an inflationary and generally undesirable way to push [people] towards digital assets. I want the dollar to continue to be reserve currency. We need to manage our business and support financial innovation in the United States to protect [America's] status. "

Lammis notes that he prefers such a regulating environment for cryptocurrencies, which does not hinder innovation:

"I want to be the final result of a standard sander, in which everyone understands the rules where innovation can develop without limitation."

The Bayo-maker says that such a standard environment will help the bitcoin to realize its options of use, without the need for incessant action:

“We want to make sure that bitcoin can continueServe as a good saving device. And in order to become a legal payment instrument, as in the Salvadope, we must make sure that we use it in accordance with the Law on the bank's safety net and