April 23, 2024

Cyble Research discovers new malware for macOS

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Cyble Research discovers new malware for macOS

Security experts at Cyble Research have discovered new malware designed specifically for macOS that steals passwords and private keys from crypto wallets.

On the Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs blog(CRIL) reports that a new malware called Atomic macOS Stealer (AMOS) is focused on extracting data to access crypto wallets such as Electrum, Binance, Exodus, Atomic and Coinomi. In addition, more than 60 plugins, such as MetaMask and Phantom, were at risk.

“Atomic macOS Stealer can steal varioustypes of information from the victim's computer, including Keychain passwords, full system information, desktop files, document folders, and even the macOS password,” Cyble researchers said in a technical report.

The malware takes the form of an unsigneda disk image file (Setup.dmg) that, when launched, prompts the victim to enter their system password in a bogus prompt to escalate privileges—a technique also used by MacStealer.

According to the analytical platform ScamSniffer, over the past month, users have lost more than $4 million, becoming victims of phishing cryptocurrency sites.