July 25, 2021

Currency.com Traders Tournament with $ 10,000 Prize Pool

Currency.com Traders Tournament with $ 10,000 Prize Pool

Regulated tokenized asset crypto exchange Currency.com continues its series of traders' tournaments (public contests) with a total award of $ 10,000.

As in the previous month, the conditions for participation in the new competition are quite simple.

To do this, you will need:

  • Pass the registration and verification procedure on the crypto exchange.
  • Top up your account.
  • Trade with leverage.
  • Demonstrate the highest return on the above transactions.
  • Get into the TOP-3 participants and pick up the reward!

Winners will be determined by the highestyield (P&L) on leveraged trading. The reward will be split between the three contestants with the highest profitability as follows:

  1. 1st place - $ 5000;
  2. 2nd place - $ 3000;
  3. 3rd place - $ 2000.

Participants can trade withany tokenized exchange-traded assets on the platform: tokenized shares and ETFs (up to 20x), cryptocurrencies and tokenized stock indices (up to 100x), tokenized commodities (up to 200x) and tokenized currencies (up to 500x).

The public competition runs until June 28!

On the crypto exchange Currency.com, more than 1,500 tokenized assets are available for trading for clients, in the "Trading" and "Trading with leverage" mode up to 500x, depending on the type of tokenized asset. You can replenish your account on the crypto exchange using Belarusian and Russian rubles, euros, dollars and cryptocurrencies.

Currency activity.com is regulated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 "On the Development of the Digital Economy" and other acts of legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Currency Com Limited is DLT-licensed by the Gibraltar financial regulator.

You can learn more about the crypto platform, as well as the rules for holding a public competition on the official website: https://currency.com/.

ATTENTION! An investment carries the risk of losing all investment. Past investment success does not mean future success.

Currency.com Traders Tournament with $ 10,000 Prize Pool


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