August 8, 2022

Cryptoinvestors are being deceived in Telegram

Cryptoinvestors are being deceived in Telegram

Fraudsters create fake Telegram channels and earn money from their subscribers. Victims of one of these channels created a group chat and counted at least $ 500,000 in damage.

According to RBC-Crypto, the fraudsters carried out the cryptoTelegram channel on behalf of a well-known TV presenter. In the channel, they published “reports on successful trades” and urged them to entrust them with managing their money in order to receive 300-400% of the profit per week.

After receiving the funds, the scammers stopped communicating with the victim and blocked her. Nobody received their money back. And after a while, a new collection of money began in the public according to the same scenario.

More than 100 investors have lost their money.The defrauded users have created a separate chat room where they prepare to file a class action by collecting screenshots of their correspondence and transactions. According to their calculations, the author of the channel received more than $ 500 thousand fraudulently.

There are also VIP groups on Telegram that createimage of successful traders who are ready to share their strategy with subscribers. Users are prompted to pay for signals and “valuable” financial recommendations, which are often useless.

Lawyers point out that it is almost impossible to guarantee a refund for such fraudulent schemes. Today, law enforcement officers do not know how to track cryptocurrency transactions.

Experts advise to take screenshots of all correspondence at such transactions at once, until fraudsters delete it. Verify her and the fact of sending funds to a notary, and write a statement to the police.

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