February 4, 2023

Cryptocurrency Theft

Dash Core Group lead consultant disappears with investor money
it this is the second case of the week (https://t.me/BitJackass/103), when the leading managers of a large crypto project disappear with the money of depositors.
At the moment, many crypto projects offer quite favorable conditions and interest on deposits in cryptocurrency.
But once again we want to remind you that as soon as youtransferred your cryptocurrency to the wallet of a crypto-exchange or any other crypto project, get ready that you can lose your investments at any time, because You no longer have control over the wallet's private keys.
Cryptocurrencies are a very dynamic environment, the strongest and most cunning survive here.
Cases of theft will continue, because the more people in the crypto asset control chain, the more likely it is to be scammed.
Be vigilant, do not get fooled by high interest rates and super favorable conditions!

Regards, BitJackass (https://t.me/BitJackass)