April 25, 2024

Cryptocurrency owners want to rob anonymity

The procedure for searching for them—the so-called “nomination”—was proposed by the Association of Russian Banks. They reported therethat modern software allowsdetermine the owner of the crypto wallet and the volume of its assets. All that remains is to legalize this procedure. It would then be possible, for example, to tax the transactions or use such assets to pay off debts.

It is technically impossible to completely solve the problem of anonymity, Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder of the platform for crypto funds Tokenbox, told Kommersant FM.

Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder of the Tokenbox crypto fund platform:

“The very essence of cryptocurrencies, of course, presupposespossibility of anonymity and decentralization. Today, there are a large number of tools that allow you to track transactions, from which wallet to which assets came, and where they were distributed. For example, in the event of some shady cryptocurrency trading, some exchanges will refuse to accept this Bitcoin. But those people who want to act in confidentiality mode will be able to remain in the shadows.

It will simply be impossible to link and make 100% of people non-anonymous; Bitcoin is not an organization, but a cryptocurrency that belongs to everyone.

There is no single decision-making body thatwill say: we will not open such wallets. Therefore, it is technically impossible to separate the official and “black” markets. The software that exists today makes it possible to trace the origin of transactions of “dirty” and “clean” bitcoins only partially. If in Russia there were only one or two cryptocurrency exchanges that required passport data to identify a person, and it was possible to trade only with it, then, of course, the wallet would be tied to the person’s identity. However, this will not completely solve the problem of anonymity or preservation of illegal funds.”

Many cryptocurrency users will only be happy about the “whitewashing” of the market, but one should not start with the fight against anonymity, says Alexander Butmanov, Chairman of the Expert Council on Blockchain Technologies.

Alexander Butmanov, Chairman of the Expert Council on Blockchain Technology at the fintech company DTI Algorithmic:

“First we need to solve the tax problemand the problem of the origin of cryptocurrency. For example, declare a certain type of amnesty, which will allow, by paying a tax, to legalize this terra incognita. Tax control and a system of legal “whitewashing” should exist, and it will exist; this does not scare anyone. If it is possible to declare that this or that block of the system passes through your hands, and you, in theory, receive judicial protection in the case when you need to transfer it, give it away, inherit it, donate it - this is rather a plus. The question is, as always, implementation. Look how many brilliant initiatives we have adopted with free economic zones and tax amnesties, but none of this had any effect.”

Previously about strengthening control over cryptocurrenciesservices announced by the international anti-money laundering group FATF. She recommended that regulators introduce mandatory licensing of digital exchanges and individuals who trade Bitcoin.

Original - Kommersant.

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