April 25, 2024

Cryptobots and overclocking a deposit on Bitmex

The cue ball is trying to rise above 9, cryptomaniacs are gambling with the hundredth leverage 24/7. Today it is no longer comme il faut andWe trade Feng Shui with our hands, so we use bots.There are a lot of analyzes of all kinds of crypto bots on the net, I tried about a dozen and settled on three: cryptorg bitmex on bitmex, tradesanta on hitbtc and a self-written one on binance. Sorry for the refs) Today I’ll tell you about cryptorg and if I get a couple of pluses, I’ll also write about a banana with a self-tapping screw.
There are no free bots anymore, only leakers for free, cryptorg $30 per month, tradesanta $20 + no commission on hitbtc, self-written is priceless.
cryptorg is a Mex bot, success depends onsettings, I choose a light martingale and a small volume of a safety order relative to the deposit, but still a movement of 1.5+k$ against the position is liquidos... I keep 2 bots on different accounts, long and short.
I connected the monitoring of icryptofan, so far the flight is normal, let’s see how long it lasts) I will accelerate it to 1 cue ball or liquidos, without deposits and withdrawals!!!
cryptorg long bot
Cryptobots and overclocking a deposit on Bitmex

cryptorg short bot


Who sells bots and where?