June 19, 2024

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking

September 1, 2018 - February 15, 2019

An event unprecedented in scale and prize fund is launching in Moscow.six-month hackathon marathon from CryptoBazarFund, a leading crypto fund and blockchain community in Russia and the CIS countries. The hackathon's partners are world-famous blockchain companies that are actively searching for super-heroes and brilliant developers and are announcing a nationwide search – these are Fantom (South Korea), Metahash (Russia), Quarkchain (China).

A hackathon is a forum for developers duringin which specialists from different areas of software development work together to solve a problem. Therefore, if you are a developer, then we are looking for you!

CryptoBazar Serial Hacking - a six-month marathon of the blockchain of hackathons provides an opportunity to plunge into the world of like-minded people, investments, new ideas, new knowledge, numerous prizes.

The main prize winners will travel to Hong Kong wherewill present themselves and their developments to the global blockchain club. Perhaps today this is exactly the chance that cannot be missed. We are giving a “ticket” to a new, exciting future of the blockchain world and new opportunities!


  • 4 episodes of hackathon  – The first episode will take place in September!
  • The grand finale will be held in February in Hong Kong and, it will be an incredible cruise on the liner, in the company of the world's leading blockchain industry leaders
  • Total prize fund – more than 10,000,000 rubles!!!
  • Dozens of prizes every month!
  • A monthly offline final in Moscow, where winners will be announced, prizes will be awarded, as well as a secret performance of world stars of the blockchain industry at offline meetings.
  • Work with "support", special chats and moderators, experts who are ready to answer questions and help!
  • For what?

  • Opportunity to receive potential investments for the development of your own project.
  • The opportunity to get into the world's leading IT companies.
  • A huge accumulation of investors, sponsors, experts, leaders and like-minded people in one place!
  • Paid tour to Hong Kong for the best teams and hackathon participants
  • Ticket to the international club of blockchain developers.
  • Theme of hackathons:

  • System vulnerability tests (load tests, errors, vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • Smart contracts
  • Platforms from scratch: forks, blockchains, cross-chains, off-chains, side-chains
  • Platform refinement
  • Platform Application Development
  • What do you need to participate?

  • Experience with Solidity, C, C++, C#, php, javascript or python
  • The desire to participate and win
  • And the most important thing:

    We have already begun, hurry up, the number of participants is strictly limited!

  • Registration September 1-15
  • Installation online session September 7
  • Task selection – until September 15
  • Working on a task online, submitting a project – until September 26
  • Semi-final in Moscow – September 29-30
  • Hackathon schedule:

    1. Project concept, application submission, task development, Q&A session
    2. Code development under the supervision of moderators and interested companies
    3. Preliminary selection of teams and projects for personal participation in the semi-finals
    4. 48-hour semi-final in Moscow – selection of the best teams and winner

    Registration is available at:


    For all questions: @IgnatyevaE

    Join the hackathon channel:  https://t.me/CryptoBazarHackathon