February 5, 2023

“Cryptobank” Crypterium smoothly rolls to exit scam

The users of the cryptocrypt bank Crypterium finally began to suspect something


"Worst support. I ordered a card in June, arrived in September - so it still doesn’t work. ”
“My account was hacked due to a leak. No compensation, also kicked out of the group in Telegram »
“I ordered a card, but she didn’t come! After questions about this, the moderators threw them out of their Telegram channel and closed their account in Crypterium with half a bit on the account ”
“They froze my account with a lot of money in my account”
“919 CRPT tokens were stolen from my Crypterium wallet”
“I think that Crypterium is falling apart, and their administrators are poking the headstock of investors before the moment when they want to withdraw from the accounts”
“I contacted the FCA and filed a fraud application with Cryptorium.”
“What does“ withdrawal of funds temporarily frozen due to technical work ”mean? How do I get my money ?? Answer finally! ”
“I sent 20 requests to support demanding to finally send 20 CRPT tokens that I already paid for, and these clowns supposedly cannot find them - what ???”
“Their bank cards don't work at all”

HAVE YOU WAITED FOR SOMETHING ELSE from the scam project of cryptocloons Gleb Markov and Vladimir Gorbunov?

You were warned: https://medium.com/@cryptokompromat/crypterium-b6131d6c7284