June 14, 2024

Channel “Crypto-man” broke for the second time

I managed to miss the moment when the “Crypto-man” channel completely broke down for the second time, and I shouldn’tto bring new things, but to act somehow more radically.

Channel "Crypto-man" broke for the second time

No, seriously, like two anonymous people (although one authorwell known to the public - there are articles about him in Lurka and Wiki) will act as guarantors in a deal for a project where not only is there no chance of going to the stock exchange, but Pasha Durov may face a criminal case? Don't you understand either? So no one understands.

The first case of the reputational failure of the authors of this channel happened with SONM, who recently made an exit scam, which is also found in the investigation film of the Rossiya24 channel.