March 31, 2023

Crypto jacking

Recently, “Crypto-jacking” has become popular - hacker attacks aimed at mining cryptocurrency. Previously, hackers preferred extortion,simply blocking data on victims' computers and demanding a ransom in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. However, now they are increasingly infecting sites with scripts, which uses visitors' computers to mine cryptocurrencies in favor of attackers.

So when you visit some sites, the load on the processor increases dramatically. The reason for this is a cryptocurrency miner that embeds directly into the site code using JavaScript, for example:

Crypto jacking

Visitors to infected sites may not evennotice that cryptocurrency mining for hackers is carried out on their computers. Attacks slow down user devices and can cause premature wear of computer hardware.

You can block such a miner by disablingJavascript, by installing the appropriate browser extensions (for example, NoScript and ScriptBlock), as well as through the ad blocker, adding a URL to the black list (not the most reliable option, because the address can change).

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