April 1, 2023

Crypto future and Ethereum trading idea

Timeframe: 1H

</strong>Since the stock market ordered a long life in the Russian Federation, trading in foreign shares they can close at any moment, and money in foreign currency is getting cheaper due to double-digit inflation, the salvation, as I have been saying for half a year, is crypto and metals.

Every inhabitant of the post-Soviet space inthe coming months will have to figure out, if not with how it functions, then at least where to buy it and how to spend it. Already, it is most profitable to convert rubles into cash dollars through crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges, and not through the Moscow exchange. This situation will only get worse with each passing day. If you do not want to buy ether, then buy stablecoins, use cold software wallets, in which you must have an amount that covers the minimum expenses of your household for 3 months.

Well, on the chart, there is a plan for margin trading in Ethereum, in which a triangle is formed in the wave ((iv)), in which “c” of (d) began. This means that Ether will soon be worth $5,000.
Crypto future and Ethereum trading idea