November 29, 2022

Crypto Capital president suspected of money laundering arrested

Crypto Capital president suspected of money laundering arrested

Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, president of the payment processing company Crypto Capital, was arrested by the Polish police.

According to several local news sites, Molina Lee laundered funds obtained during the sale of drugs through the Bitfinex cryptocurrency platform.

Local media report that the Polish authorities initially sought out a Polish businessman for illegally “laundering the proceeds of Colombian drug cartels through cryptocurrency platforms”.

In addition, it is assumed that CryptoCapital received $ 850 million in client funds from the Bitfinex exchange. Since then, Bitfinex management claims to have lost access to this money. In May of this year, a sale of tokens worth $ 1 billion was conducted, aimed at covering losses after receiving a loan from its subsidiary, the issuer of the stable Tether coin. The loan was made public in a lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General against Bitfinex and Tether.

Bitfinex is still trying to prove that the $ 850 million bipgi customers were frozen while under the care of Crypto Capital.