April 1, 2023

Crypt. Results November 26-27

Crypt. Results November 26-27

  • MakerDAO decided to liquidateall your assets in renBTC.
  • Binance launched its own proof system reserves (Proof of Reserves) — on November 23, the exchange had 582 483 BTC, and obligations to customers amounted to 575 742 BTC.
  • It is reported that things are very bad with synthetic Ethereum - stETH/ETH imbalance on Curve reached 70%/30%.
  • The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation calls on the Central Bank to compromise on the turnover of cryptocurrencies.
  • An independent researcher confirmed the presence633,000 BTC from Grayscale.
  • Tether blocked the next 1,127,269 USDT on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The Belgian regulator said that Bitcoin and Ethereum do not have an issuer and do not correspond to the characteristics of securities, therefore don't have to follow financial rules.
  • Justin Sun plans to merge exchanges Poloniex and Huobi.
  • The largest 1inch DEX aggregator introduced the function Rabbit Hole to protect MetaMask users from "front running".
  • PS:
    After Luna sucked, they began to talk about the fact that at the bottom they would clean all the dirt from the crypto market. In fact, this happens every bear, only we safely forget about it.

    In fact, the most greedy andunscrupulous lovers to use other people's money in the hope of a quick profit. They took users' money, entered into various kinds of deals with leverage, credit and venture stories, and the result was the same. Liquidity was distributed with the aim of quick profit, but there is no profit, because. an even bigger player is well aware of their liquidation levels and smoothly drowns them in their own greed.

    What's positive:
    — clearing the niche from dysfunctional funds;

    — instead of prohibitions, developed countries create a legislative framework for regulating the market, legalize crypto;

    — giants like Visa and Master Card are starting to use stables directly;

    — the Defi sector against the backdrop of all the news is becoming more and more in demand;

    - dense integration of Web3 into our lives is already much closer than it seems;

    - NFT, although they were greatly blown away from their peakvalues, but have become even more common. From just pictures there is a transition to practical application in web3 and marketing of top brands. The NFT market is definitely waiting for 1 more supercycle;

    - the wallet trend (hello Trust Wallet) is just around the corner, and after the collapse of the FTX exchange, this trend also accelerated greatly;

    — various DAO and game guilds are developing at a tremendous speed;

    — many times more conditions have been created for the entry of a wide range of institutional investors into the crypto market than a year ago.

    Despite all the innuendo we seeNow in the news, don't panic. A market reversal can happen at any time. The global political and economic situation is unlikely to allow Bitcoin to immediately turn to new highs. But if MM needs it, then it will be done at least from the current values. There are plenty of resources for this.

    Crypt. Results November 26-27