December 5, 2022

Crypt. Results November 24

Crypt. Results November 24


  • MetaMask now collects data on IP addresses and walletsif you are using RPC from Infura provider (withdefault value)
  • The President of the Russian Federation proposed to create a new independent of banks and intervention of other countries, a system of international payments based on blockchain.
  • 10,000 BTC, associated with the BTC-e exchange, began to move to smaller addresses - 65 BTC ($1 million) flew to the HitBTC exchange.
  • Changpeng Zhao reported that Binance Plans to Create a $1 Billion Fund to Buy Troubled Assets.
  • South Korea will develop online voting system based on blockchain technology.
  • Changpeng Zhao also stated in a new interview that Binance is not a Chinese companywhich has nothing to do with China.
  • Russo brothers and David Weil to develop eight-episode series about the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange for Amazon.
  • The world's largest public hedge fund Man Group, managing assets worth $138.4 billion, will launch own cryptocurrency fund.
  • It is reported that many users are unable to withdraw funds from Coinlist — the largest crypto-platform for crowdfunding.
  • PS:

    Grayscale FUD continues to overclock even afterafter Coinbase disclosed Grayscale reserves. Here on the 3rd page you can admire the portfolio numbers: 641,000 BTC, 3 million ETH, 1.5 million LTC, etc. Impressive portfolio.

    At first they panicked that soongo bankrupt, then refused to show their reserves. Then reserves were shown, but FUD continues. Although, judging by their assets, they are very eager to be MM themselves on the market and manipulate it to the fullest.

    So. There are thoughts that since FUD is being accelerated so much, the bottom may be very close. And even the $12k-$14k that everyone is waiting for may not happen. Therefore, do not try to catch the bottom.

    In favor updates bottom:

    After the collapse of FTX, a lot of money was withdrawn fromexchanges. And the outflow continues. This means that if you pour even more negativity into the market and make a deep and sharp strait, then the majority simply will not have time to buy it back, because. there will be no funds available on the exchange. For a couple of hours or a day, or as long as it takes, MM may well fill the mempool of the main blockchains and you simply cannot physically replenish your balance on the exchange or transfer your coins anywhere. This has already happened in history, who passed, remembers.

    There is a lot of liquidity below, it would be logical to collect it before the reversal.

    Crypt. Results November 24