February 20, 2024

Croatian Post opens the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies

Croatian Post opens the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies

Croatian Post, the largest postal service provider in the Republic of Croatia, opensthe ability to exchange cryptocurrencies in 55 of theirbranches throughout the country for local currency - Croatian kunas. At the moment, there are five cryptocurrencies in the assortment - Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar (Lumens) and EOS.

This step was made possible after testing on the basis of three post offices in the most ancient city of the country, Zadar, which gave a positive result:

"The pilot project showed that there is interest in this type of service, and that is why we decided to provide such a service."

Croatia Post is pleased with the result andWe intend to expand the range of cryptocurrency services provided in the future, considering this an important step in implementing the digitalization strategy of our activities.

As stated in the organization:

“In the future we also plan to startprovide the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies at our post offices, and thereby intend to make our offices the center points for the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions in Croatia. ”

Croatia Post turns into a modern hubproviding various financial services, including insurance. The organization pays attention to the convenience of acquiring cryptocurrency using the QR code. All work in this direction was built jointly with the local company Electrocoin, which provides the services of a cryptocurrency payment provider.

The organization also noted that:

“In recent years there has been an increase in the numbercryptocurrency users who very often plan their tourist trips exactly to those places where they can turn their digital assets into regular money. This means that the emergence of such an opportunity in post offices makes the country even more attractive for travel and will help increase tourist flow. "

The Croatia Post has a total of 1016 postaloffices, as well as 2135 postal kiosks. The organization employs more than 10 thousand employees. It is worth noting that in Croatia, in addition to the now 55 post offices in which cryptocurrencies can be exchanged, there are also five cryptomats.

It is worth recalling that Australia and Lithuania have already opened the possibility of purchasing cryptocurrencies at newsstands.