September 19, 2021

Critic of Bitcoin legalization arrested in El Salvador

Critic of Bitcoin legalization arrested in El Salvador

El Salvador's National Civil Police issued a statement that Mario Gomez was detained in connection with financial fraud investigation.

Local media reported that the police detaineda computer and cryptocurrency expert who criticized the government's decision to legalize bitcoin for several hours. Law enforcement officers seized his phone and tried to gain access to the computer of his mother, Elena de Gomez. The suspect was released a few hours later.

Police said Gomez's arrest was linked to a financial crime investigation.

Gomez's mother stated:

Mario often participates in forums, events andon social media, he often criticizes the government. If we see that the country is moving backward, we need to talk about it and honestly express our opinion.

Since the adoption of the BTC legalization bill, there have been two major protests in the country. The majority of El Salvadorians still do not support the president's initiative.

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