July 25, 2021

Craig Wright wins bitcoin white paper trial

Craig Wright wins bitcoin white paper trial

A London court upheld Craig Wright's claims in his copyright infringement claim against by Cøbra, the operator of the bitcoin.org website.

Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto won an intellectual property lawsuit.

The court recognized that the placement of the document in a freeaccessing bitcoin.org violates Wright's rights. The company was ordered to delete the document and post a refutation on the website within six months. In addition, Cøbra is required to pay legal fees.

The trial itself was held remotely.mode. Cøbra representatives were unwilling to defend themselves, preferring instead to maintain their anonymity. The court was forced to make a default decision.

Cøbra commented on the decision:

Wright copyrighted the originalbitcoin code and white paper and in the US Patent and Trademark Office two years ago. Although such a copyright registration is not equal to an official patent, Craig is actively fighting for the right to be called the creator of the first cryptocurrency.

Earlier this year, Wright sued two websites - Bitcoincore.org and Bitcoin.org - for illegally publishing a white paper without his consent.

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