July 20, 2024

Craig Wright refused to pay half of Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoins to Dave Kleiman's family

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who calls himself the "true Satoshi Nakamoto", said he is notcan pay half a million BTC to the family of his former partner Dave Kleiman.

Documents filed with the Florida District Court 30October, it says Wright refuses to participate in an agreement to settle claims for half of the intellectual property and bitcoins that were mined with Dave Kleiman until 2014. As a result, the trial was resumed.

Last February, a lawsuit was filed against Wright.a lawsuit alleging that he stole more than $5 billion worth of bitcoins at the exchange rate at that time. Dave's brother — Ira Kleiman — accused Wright of manipulating business papers, emails and other documentary evidence that confirmed his fraud.

In the end, the court ordered Wright to provide fullThe list of addresses where 1.1 million BTC should be attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto. However, he did not, citing a lack of access to these bitcoins due to the death of Kleiman. According to Wright, they used a complex encryption scheme, and Wright lost access to Satoshi's state.

“The discussions started at Craig’s initiative.He has previously stated that he has sufficient resources to resolve the dispute,” — comments the representative of the prosecution and partner of Roche Freedman LLP Welwell Friedman.

As a result, another hearing was scheduled in the Wright case with Kleiman, which will be held March 3 next year.