December 11, 2023

Craig Wright doubted that he would get access to 1 million bitcoins in January

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, said that information that would help detecta frozen million bitcoins may not be at his disposal. According to him, he did not confirm that he would receive or use private keys next month.


The Australian scientist added that he is not going tocrashing his family's bitcoins into the market because it would hurt a lot of people. He previously claimed that the only way to &#171;save his soul&#187; &#8212; give his entire Bitcoin fortune to an educational fund for the poorest people, which will be run by his wife.

Wright lost in lawsuit against IraKleiman, brother of the late mathematician Dave Kleiman, who was a business partner of the self-proclaimed Satoshi. The court decided to recover from Wright more than half a million bitcoins in favor of the plaintiff, having recognized the documents of the defense side as falsified.

The Kleiman v. Wright case. The court decided to recover from the self-appointed Satoshi more than half a million bitcoins

The parties then discussed the possibility of a settlement, but in the end, Wright admitted that he could not pay the money to Dave Kleiman's relatives.

Kleiman’s lawyers believe that an Australian entrepreneur has access to bitcoins, and the story of the encrypted keys to the trust was invented to confuse the traces.

Wright recently submitted a letter to the court stating that on January 1 he will receive1 100 111 BTC.

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