May 28, 2023

Craig Wright announces access to Satoshi Nakamoto bitcoins

Craig Wright said he got access to Satoshi Nakamoto's 1.1 million bitcoins, which at the current rate is about $ 9.3 billion. After that, the Bitcoin SV altcoin rate has grown by almost 100%.

Wright has repeatedly stated that it is heinventor of the first cryptocurrency. According to him, together with their partner David Kleiman, they mined 1.1 million BTC at the beginning of the existence of bitcoin.

However, Kleiman died in 2013 and his heirssued Wright with a demand to give half of the mined bitcoins. However, the other day, a judge of the Florida District Court, Beth Bloom, invalidated the decision in the Wright case, according to which he had to give half of the cryptocurrency he had obtained.

On January 14, Wright filed another lawsuit in court,according to which he gained access to the mined bitcoins. After that, the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency sharply increased by more than 100% and took 4th place in terms of capitalization. Now the capitalization of this altcoin is more than $ 6 billion.

“Dr. Wright notified the court that a third-partythe company provided him with the necessary information and keys to access the encrypted file. He also provided the plaintiffs with the necessary information about the stored bitcoins, ”the court said in a statement.

Now it remains to be expected how much will come trueWright's words about Satoshi's bitcoin ownership. The only real proof will be the movement of BTC on any of the wallets attributed to the creator of Bitcoin. However, all of Wright's previous allegations were not corroborated by facts. Judging by the insignificant reaction of the Bitcoin exchange rate to this statement, the market has not yet trusted Craig Wright too much.

Last November, a former DJ from GermanyJorg Molt has declared himself the “co-founder of Bitcoin” and “one of the few real experts on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.” In addition, Molt claimed to own 250,000 BTC.