June 5, 2023

Cosmos CEO leaves project to tackle climate change

Cosmos CEO Jae Kwon announced his intention to quit the blockchain project to focus on the initiative, related to the fight against climate change.

First, the Twitter account Dailydefi reported this, then Kwon in a tweet under the post confirmed the information.

“I will only leave after completing plansfor the transition period. I will also be involved in the activities of the Interchain Foundation as a member of its board. I do not “leave” Cosmos, which mainly works without my participation. I will focus on All in Bits processes, which also runs Cosmos »- said Kwon.

Many representatives of the crypto community took the news about the departure of CEO Cosmos cautiously. Some even suggested that it smacks of exit scam.

However, there were those who defended Kwon:

“His job is not to babysit Cosmos. The network works independently. ”, Wrote Cøsmos & Coffee's Twitter account.

Kvon's new Virgo project is allegedly associated with the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion, which opposes climate change.

Interchain Foundation - NonprofitCosmos ecosystem decentralized technology and decentralized applications organization. All in Bits owns the development of the Tendermint consensus algorithm used by Cosmos.

Recall, the launch of the Cosmos cross-platform blockchain network took place in March 2019. A few months later, a hard fork took place to eliminate the critical vulnerability in this network.