June 22, 2024

Coronavirus alert doctor dead to Ethereum smart contract

Based on Ethereum, they created a smart contract dedicated to Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who first warnedabout the impending epidemic of coronavirus. Yesterday, he died in a hospital in Wuhan.

The smart contract code contains a biographydeceased doctor. The immutability of the Ethereum blockchain will also perpetuate the fact that it was Wenliang who sounded the alarm about an unknown virus at the end of December, which he warned his colleagues about. Subsequently, the police called him for a «preventive» interrogation and recommended not to cause panic.

The news of his death instantly became the most discussed topic on the Chinese social network Weibo - the number of views on the hashtag #Dr.LiWenliangPassedAway exceeded a billion.

However, after a while he went down on the list of popular topics, and the hashtag, urging the government to apologize to the doctor, was completely blocked.

Recall, because of the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese authorities are demanding the closure of a large Bitcoin mining farm.